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About Our Company

Me, Waffle n More (MWM) is a quick service restaurant that brings global recipes like Waffles, Waff-Wich, Fried Icecream Pakora, Waff Tacos, Pancakes, Crepes, Mocktails, Nachos/Fries, Shakes, Tea/Coffee to Delhi. The ideas were to bring forth outlets where families, friends and colleagues connect over decadent waffles, Waff-wich (Waffle Sandwich), crepes, pancakes and more. The name expresses a moment which is about a person, his waffle and the bond they share at the time.

We have formulated a special eggless batter for all our recipes at our waff-wich stations. Yes, the batter is 100% eggless and yet we promise you will not miss a thing in the waffle!

We offer the waffles which are nutritious, fresh, mobile, delectable, and appetizing. Our Waffwich comes with some elite filling options like Maple syrups, caramel, Belgian chocolate, nutella and many more.

Waffle lovers, Crepe fanatics, Pancake punks can try the recipes at various locations in Delhi and coming soon to other locations in NCR. Check out our locations in the outlet tab.

We have also launched Fried Ice Cream Pakora and Waff-Tacos.

Come join the fun, while we serve happiness.

So rich..So moist..Lets rock out with Waffle all day





Our Team Behind The Curtain

Ramneek is an avid traveler and a passionate foodie. His friends describe him as the one with the sweet tooth. He loves to explore different cultures, recipes & local cuisines. The story began when Ramneek had an opportunity to try the real Belgian waffle sandwich.

He realized that the while there were many outlets selling waffles in Delhi, there were none that did enough justice primarily because of lack of ingredients, uncooked knowledge of the recipes. So he began his R&D on the different recipes, sourcing the right vendors for ingredients, hours of meetings with food consultants and finding the right places for the outlets. This is how MWM was born. Ramneek envisions MWM to become synonymous with scrumptious and premium quality waffles and more to the food lovers.

Ramneek Singh